Making Excuses or Courageous?

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In today’s Bible reading* we see a stark contrast to yesterday’s reading about Caleb choosing the Hill Country because he wanted the challenge of slaying the giants in the land. Today we read the descendants of Joseph complain that the Hill Country isn’t large enough for them. It appears that they don’t want to clear the forest to establish cities for themselves. It involves work. Besides, the Canaanites are strong and have iron chariots. Whereas Caleb courageously wanted the challenge of conquering the giants, Joseph’s descendants wanted to avoid the conflict.

But what did Joshua do? He encouraged Joseph’s descendants to rise to the occasion. He assured them that God would be with them, and they would conquer the strong Canaanites with their iron chariots.


Sometimes, we need a little encouragement. We feel discouraged. We need courage. We feel disheartened.

Did you notice that? I just used four words with the word heart to describe our condition and our need. The Latin root cor means heart. So to restate the previous paragraph, we need a little heart put into us.

When we need a little heart put into you, reach out to a friend, someone who knows you and is able to speak life into yours. Also, you can always reach out to God, who can make you courageous, like Caleb. Spend some time reading back through the story of Caleb. (Joshua 14) Pray about it.

* Chapters covered in today’s reading:
– Joshua 15
– Joshua 16
– Joshua 17
– Joshua 18

This devotional was originally published on March 22, 2021.

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