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Craig and Amy Beaman
Amy and I have been married since 1988 and have two adult children. Amy is an elementary school reading teacher in our local school district. She grew up in Fort Worth. We met while I was in seminary and were married the day after my graduation.


I was born in North Carolina and our family moved several times in the eastern part of the state. I was very active in Boy Scouts and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1981. While in high school, I worked at the local radio station. I graduated from Tarboro High School and moved to UNC-Chapel Hill to study radio, television, and film. I thought I was going to graduate and go into radio station management or commercial production. But God had other ideas.


I was saved during revival services at our church when I was eight and sensed a call to ministry in middle school. I didn’t think much about that call through my high school years. During my first semester in college. I went to a Christian retreat in the mountains of South Carolina, I encountered students who had a contagious excitement about their walk with God. I told God that whatever the other students had, I wanted it!


We returned to campus and some of the students began to take me through some basic discipleship materials and I learned that I could (and should!) grow in my relationship with God. They helped me to find a Bible that I could understand and taught me how to study my Bible, pray, and tell other people about how they could experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus. I began to feel that it wasn’t enough for me to walk the walk; I needed to help other people to grow in their faith, too.


Over the next few years, I began to reconsider the commitments I made as an early teenager. In 1985, I graduated from UNC and moved to Fort Worth, Texas to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I graduated with a Master of Divinity in 1988.
Craig and Amy in the Texas Bluebonnets


My Ministry Resume


Expanded Philosophy of Ministry

Note: This expands on what I state in my resume about how I think about ministry.


Statement of Faith


In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, backpacking, reading, and building websites with my web development and consulting company, All-In Web Services. I even pick up my guitar and strum a little on occasion.


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