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More Backup Problems

You would think that someone who’s worked with computers since the IBM compatible XT days (1990) would know something about backups … and would actually have a backup plan. Well, I have learned to practice what I preach.

A couple of weeks ago, I began to have problems with my laptop; it just happened to have “everything” on it. My backup plan was to occasionally copy my most important files to a backup directory on my D: partition (same hard drive). Even more occasionally, I would backup my backup directory to an external hard drive. My plan worked well until my hard drive decided to go belly up. Over the course of several hours and multiple reboots and automatic runs of chkdsk, my computer asked me for my Vista license key (not good!), which I entered. After many more reboots and automatic runs of chkdsk, I was finally brought to a Vista desktop. I maniacally began dumping data to my external drive and saved my backside (actually, it was a huge answer to prayer!).

A couple of weeks later, Best Buy finally returned my laptop to me. The laptop was under warranty, so at no cost to me, they had replaced a defective hard drive and motherboard. It took me over a half a day to get all my apps reloaded and my data restored. Now it was time to readdress my backup plan.

I installed Cobian Backup and scheduled a daily backup of my user directory (which I have learned contains all the data I need, if I use the default settings in my programs) onto a Backup directory on C:. Once a week or so, I’m going to backup my Backup directory onto my external drive. I will probably utilize several USB flash drives to facilitate “offsite” backups of my most important files. My hosting account includes “unlimited” storage and bandwidth, but they spell out in the Terms of Service that they don’t offer the “unlimited” storage so you can backup your hard drive. I’m still praying about the ethics of using Cobian to backup my most important documents and “working” copies of the websites I’m working on; that sure would be easier than keeping up with the flash drives.

Anyway, I generated quite a buzz on my FaceBook account asking my FB peeps what their backup plan was. I was referred to Mozy, which includes 2GB free storage. My only question at this point is, if I use Mozy, will I be able to access my files from an older desktop if my laptop crashes again. No answer yet from my friends.

All this to say, “So what’s your backup plan?”



Well, I tried to update the blog platform software (WordPress), but failed to backup all of my configuration info. Some of it remained, but some things will have to be rebuilt. Oh, well! I guess I need to take my own advice, huh?


Worship is Key

A friend posted this blog. He makes a great point about worship.

Unfortunately, many (most?) in the church miss the point that worship is the key. It’s isn’t just something that you do at the start of a church service to prepare you to hear a sermon.

Worship is the starting and ending point.

It IS the church service.

Our vision is far too limited. All too often, we think that our purpose is to evangelize … or to grow our church larger … or to defend the Bible … or to fight a moral issue … or to ___ (fill in the blank).

Worship is Key.

Worship is key to building the Kingdom. And it’s all about building the Kingdom. Yes, evangelism, church growth, defending doctrines, and fighting moral issues can be parts of building the Kingdom. But evangelism, church growth defending doctrines, and fighting moral issues are not, in and of themselves, building the Kingdom of God.

It’s all about building the Kingdom. And worship is key. Building the Kingdom of God flows out of worship.

Worship isn’t part of building the Kingdom of God. Worship is key to building the Kingdom of God.


Disgust About the TEA Parties

Last night I watched coverage of the TEA parties by Fox News and then hopped over to MSNBC to see what Keith Olbermann would say about it.

Fox’s coverage seemed to be “fair and balanced”, while Olbermann was absolutely caustic in his coverage. I have never watched Countdown show. Over the past months I have heard Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin talk about Olbermann’s political bias and how it comes out in his show.

After hearing Rush Limbaugh attemtping to describe “teabagging” per the Urban Dictionary, I (unfortunately) looked up the definition on the ‘net last night. On a whim, I went to MSNBC’s site this morning and listened again to Olbermann’s coverage.

Having read the definition, I was absolutely disgusted with Olbermann’s voluminous couched references to the act in his coverage of the TEA parties. He was equally vulgar in his choice of comments by the TEA party participants that he twisted to make them appear to say things they were definitely NOT saying.

For this reason, TEA party supporters should do all they can to refuse to wear the label of “teabaggers” and assembling as “teabaggers”.

I don’t know why I should be amazed at this. However, it’s an answer to a prayer I’ve had for some time: Lord expose biases and connections.


Another Great Message from John Piper

I came across this on Steve Camp’s blog. It is so powerful regarding the Health/Wealth/Prosperity “Gospel”.

Dr. Piper is brilliant in his exposing this heresy for what it is. It’s a hard word. But it’s a good word. It’s a timely word.

Check it out.