Giving Thanks to God

Today’s Bible reading* records the psalmists praising and giving thanks to God. In their worship, the Psalmists recognize God’s absolute sovereignty over all things. They thank God for creation, people, God’s faithfulness, His grace and compassion, His redemption of His people, His everlasting steadfast love, the fact that God hears and cares for His people,…

Praying with the Psalms

I have mentioned several times before that the Psalms can serve as models for our prayers, praise, thanksgiving, worship, and expressing our grief. The Psalms in today’s Bible reading* are particularly good examples for us. Psalm 89 is another Maskil. You will remember that Maskils are psalms that stimulate the mind. They make you think….

Mining for Wisdom

Job recounts mankind’s attempts to mine gold, iron, gemstones, and other precious things in today’s Bible reading. But he asks where can someone mine wisdom, which is of far more value than these material things. He then points to God, saying that God knows where to find wisdom and fearing Him is wisdom, and turning…


In today’s Bible reading, we see two things that are called, “awe-inspiring”: an awe-inspiring sign in heaven (v. 1) and the awe-inspiring works of God (v. 3). Awe is a word that is foreign to many Believers. We just don’t see things as being “awe-inspiring”. The things of God tend to be, quite frankly, normal….