In today’s Bible reading*, we see two things that are called, “awe-inspiring”: an awe-inspiring sign in heaven (v. 1) and the awe-inspiring works of God (v. 3). Awe is a word that is foreign to many Believers. We just don’t see things as being “awe-inspiring”. The things of God tend to be, quite frankly, normal….

The Sweet Word of God

In today’s Bible reading*, John is commanded to eat the scroll held by the angel straddling the earth and sea. The angel warns John that the little scroll will taste sweet, but will upset his stomach. God’s Word is difficult to digest but is sweet to Believers. The Psalmist says, “How sweet your word is…

The Judgment of the False Teachers

In today’s Bible reading*, Peter paints a very sad picture of the state of the false teachers. Worship leader and songwriter, Billy Foote’s song, “All the Wolves” paraphrases Peter’s words. Destructive heresies. Greed. Made-up stories. Bold arrogant people. Slander. Spots. Blemishes. Delighting in their deceptions. Eyes full of adultery, never stopping to look for sin….

Politically Incorrect

In today’s Bible reading* we fast forward a few years and Jesus and His relative John (the Baptizer) are about thirty years old. John steps into the Jordan River and preaches that people should repent of their sins and be baptized. By today’s standards, John was a very politically-incorrect preacher. Nowhere do we hear him…