When is an Army Not an Army?

I saw something in today’s Bible reading that I’ve never seen before in all of the times I’ve read these chapters. God tells Moses to bring out the Hebrews “according to their military divisions”[1] in Exodus 6:26, 7:4, 12:17, 41, 51. I’ve never seen that terminology before. Why? Well, it comes down to Bible translations….

It’s Perfect!

In today’s Bible reading, we read of the coming of the perfect new heavens and new earth. The perfectly-adorned bride of Christ is revealed. There’s no more sin or anything associated with it. There’s no more crying. There’s no more death. God dwells with His people. An angel measures heaven with a gold-standard. Everything is…

Let’s Read Through the Bible Together in 2021

I’m leading our church to read through the Bible in 2021. We’re using George Guthrie’s Reading God’s Story One-Year Chronological Plan. You can follow along with me on the YouVersion Bible App and search the reading plans for Reading God’s Story. You’ll see more of why we’re using a chronological Bible reading plan in a…

One Thousand Years

In today’s Bible reading, John uses the term “a thousand years” to describe several things. This is the only place in the Bible that mentions “a thousand years” with regards to the End Times. One of the most important things to do in reading, studying, interpreting, and ultimately applying the Bible is to read it…


In today’s Bible reading, we see two things that are called, “awe-inspiring”: an awe-inspiring sign in heaven (v. 1) and the awe-inspiring works of God (v. 3). Awe is a word that is foreign to many Believers. We just don’t see things as being “awe-inspiring”. The things of God tend to be, quite frankly, normal….