To See God, Look at Jesus

We begin reading through the book of Hebrews using our Bible reading plan. No one (but God) knows who wrote Hebrews; the author didn’t give any obvious clues to his identity. Some have pointed to Dr. Luke as the author, however, the book doesn’t begin with an attribute to Theophilus as Dr. Luke did with…

Healing AND Curing

With today’s Bible reading, we conclude our reading through the book of Acts. The book ends rather abruptly, almost as if Chapter 29 has been lost. But of course, that didn’t happen. Some have suggested that Dr. Luke didn’t finish the book and that we are living today in Acts 29. One very important thing…

Unwavering Confidence in the Face of a Storm

As I was reading today’s Bible reading in Acts 27, I was struck by Paul’s confidence that everyone would survive the horrendous storm. Growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I lived through a few small hurricanes, but I can’t imagine fourteen days at sea in a storm as powerful as the one Dr. Luke describes….

Paul Addresses Agrippa

Today’s Bible reading is Acts 26. Paul addresses King Agrippa, Festus, and Bernice (the Queen). He gives his defense for his zealous Jewish background and his experience of coming to Jesus, and he shows that Jesus is the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy. Paul even gives Agrippa an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. Agrippa isn’t…

Festus Poses

Today’s Bible reading is Acts 25. Paul is brought before Festus in Caesarea. Dr. Luke mentions that Festus was posturing, wanting to do the Jews a favor by sending Paul back to stand trial in Jerusalem. (Acts 25:9) Paul, being a Roman Citizen, appealed to Caesar, so Festus sent Paul up the chain of command….