God Is Sovereign Over All Things

God is sovereign over all things

Job highlights that God is sovereign over all things in today’s Bible reading*. He recognizes that God is in control all of the time. And he knows he isn’t God. He knows that he will answer to God for his sin. However, Job also recognizes his piety, his righteousness which is what he’s depending on for his justification before God. And that’s where he goes wrong.

Job knows that all people sin and that sinners will end up at the same place: Sheol. Sheol was the place of the dead, the grave. Many Jews at the time and now believe that once a person dies, they go to Sheol and that’s the end. Many Jews do not believe in an afterlife because of the strong conviction of Sheol as the final destination. But is that what the Bible says? What about Psalm 16:10?

For you will not abandon me to Sheol;
you will not allow your faithful one to see decay.
Psalm 16:10 (CSB)

In this Psalm, David recognized that there is more than just this life. He knew that God would not abandon His children, but would raise them up at some point in the future. Yes, God is sovereign over all things. All things.

He is the Creator. He is the Ruler. He is in charge. He is the Potter and we are clay in His hands and the Potter can do whatever He wants with the clay. (Jeremiah 18:4–6) God knows our every weakness, our every sin. And sin will not go unpunished.

Job lays out a strong case for God’s sovereignty over all things. Even in elections, God is sovereign. He decides who will be the leaders of nations. (Job 12:23–25; Daniel 2:21) In fact, these three verses may sound harsh to our ears. But we must see things from God’s perspective: God is sovereign over all things. And in death, God will be glorified, because He is worthy of our praise. (Job 13:15)


One day you will give an account for your sin. Once you die, you won’t have another chance. (Hebrews 9:27) Your time will be up. But for now — as you are reading this devotional — God is offering eternal life to you. Eternal life is knowing Jesus. Eternal life is knowing God the Father. (John 17:3)

If you would like to know more about knowing God, please reach out to me. I’d love to introduce you to Him!

* Chapters covered in today’s reading:
– Job 10
– Job 11
– Job 12
– Job 13

This devotional was originally published on January 24, 2021.

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