The Red Dragon

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In today’s Bible reading*, we see a “great fiery red dragon” appear. Michael and his angels war with the dragon and cast it and its angels to the earth. We learn in Revelation 12:9 the dragon’s true identity: Satan, the ancient serpent, the devil, the world’s deceiver, the accuser. All of these names are given elsewhere in the Bible.

A loud voice cries out praises to God because the enemy was cast out of heaven. This is great news for those in heaven. But this is bad news to those on the earth because Satan is here. BUT, he knows his time is limited. That’s a great reminder. Despite how things look, Satan is on a short leash; his influence is limited. Finally, John tells us that Satan attacks the children of the woman and tries to drown them by spewing a river from his mouth. John reveals that the children are Believers, those who obey God and hold fast to the testimony of Jesus.


Again, don’t get lost in the details and the description of the dragon, the woman, and her children. What does this chapter tell us about God? What does it tell us about the people of God?

This chapter reminds us that God is in control. He places limits on His enemy. And He protects His people, even through their torment. God doesn’t remove His people but rather, He sustains and protects them in the midst of their persecution.

Rather than being spooked by what John writes, Believers should be comforted. Although God doesn’t remove His people, He has a purpose of glorifying Himself through all of this. God is all-mighty! God is all-powerful. God is good! And God is worthy of our praise.

* Today we are reading Revelation 12.

This devotional was originally published on December 14, 2019.

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