Bible Reading in 2024

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picture of a couple reading the Bible together

As we approach 2024, I want to challenge you to read through the Bible with me.

In 2023, our church used a reading plan that took us through the New Testament one chapter at a time, five days a week. We finished all twenty-seven books yesterday. Many of our church members found this reading plan to be very attainable.

My Experience with Bible Reading Plans

I have used several types of plans in the past. Some of the plans took me straight through the Bible from cover to cover. The downside to these plans is that it was difficult to maintain my motivation as I plodded through numerous genealogies in the books of Numbers and 1 Chronicles. And some of the Bible’s books record the same events and people (Kings and Chronicles). As I read through the book of Leviticus, I found it difficult to keep up with all of the rules and regulations. I mean, how do those rules apply to the New Covenant?

Another plan took me through four readings each day in different places in the Bible. While using that plan, I found it difficult to see how the four readings each day related to each other. Several of our church members expressed similar frustrations.

Rather than taking on the challenge of reading the Bible from cover to cover, or using a plan that may lead to frustration, this year we will use George Guthrie’s Chronological Bible Reading Plan. This plan has a schedule for six readings per week; you’ll have one day each week to sabbath or to catch up on your readings. You can print the plan here, or you can use the Bible App to track your progress through the plan. The Bible App will even read the daily reading to you!

Dr. Guthrie’s Chronological Bible Reading Plan will present the Bible generally in the order things happened. You’ll see the single, unifying story of God’s unfolding plan to relentlessly pursue His people in a covenant relationship. As you read Chronicles and Kings, you’ll read the parallel stories the same day. As you read through David’s life in 2 Samuel, you’ll read through most of the Psalms.

If you follow this Bible reading plan with me, you’ll only need to budget only about fifteen to twenty minutes, six days a week. If you get behind, you’ll have a day to catch up. Or, just jump back in on the present day and skip over the day(s) you missed.

<<< The plan you’re looking for in the Bible App looks like this.

Please Wait Until Monday, January 1, 2024

You may want to get a head start, but please wait until Monday, January 1, 2024, to click the link in the Bible App, so we can synchronize our readings to the first day’s Bible passage.

I will publish daily reflections on the Bible readings on my website, and I will also post links to the devotionals on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter). If you’d rather have the devotionals in your email, you can subscribe here.

Growing in grace and knowledge,