Do You Know Jesus?

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Jesus teaches
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In today’s Bible reading*, Jesus highlights the importance of knowing and being known by Jesus. (John 10:14-16; John 10:25-29)

In fact, in light of eternity, knowing Him is the most important thing for you to do.

I’m not talking about going to church. I’m not talking about praying a prayer. I’m not talking about being baptized. I’m not talking about any of those things.

I’m simply asking if you know Jesus.

And when I ask the question, the first response is probably, “Which Jesus?” Religions and cults have their opinions of Jesus. And all of them distort the Jesus as the Bible presents Him. So they don’t know Jesus. Many Church-goers don’t even know Jesus as the Bible presents Him.

Perhaps you believe in Jesus. But how do you know if you have the right one? Johanna Michaelson said she believed in Jesus; he was her occult spirit guide. But obviously, her Jesus wasn’t the Jesus of the Bible.

As I pointed out a couple of days ago, the Jesus of the Bible isn’t a “feel-good” Jesus, a peaceful Jesus, a grace-only Jesus. No, those pictures of Jesus are incomplete distortions of the Jesus as presented in the Bible. The Bible also presents a divisive Jesus, a righteous Jesus, a Jesus Who doesn’t want you to stay the same way as you are when you first come to Him.

He is a transforming Jesus.


When you think of Jesus, are all of your thoughts positive, feel-good thoughts? Or does He make you feel a little uncomfortable?

When you cross over to the other side of eternity, the only question you’ll be asked is, “What did you do with Jesus?” Did you ignore Him? Did you give all of who you are to Him and His work? (Matthew 6:33) Did you think you knew Him? Or did you really know Him?

Having the right Jesus is paramount! Don’t settle for substitutes!

* Today we are reading John 10.

This devotional was originally published on October 27, 2019.

This devotional was originally published on xx, 2020.

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