Staying Power

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Picture of staying power: marathon runners

In today’s Bible reading* we read about two men who didn’t have staying power. One was a prophet who delivered a hard word to Jeroboam. The other was King Rehoboam, a wavering king.

After delivering the hard word to Jeroboam, the prophet obeyed God and went back home, not stopping to eat or drink, according to what God had told him. (1 Kings 13:17) But on his way home, he was met by another prophet who told him, “I’m a prophet, too. An angel told me by the word of the Lord to bring you back home with me.” (1 Kings 13:18)

The prophet didn’t have the staying power to remain true to what God had clearly told him. It didn’t end well for this prophet. He never made it back home; he was killed by a lion.

Although the people were committed to King Rehoboam because they walked in the ways of David and Solomon (2 Chronicles 11:17), he didn’t have the staying power to rule them faithfully. He turned them away from God. (2 Chronicles 12:1)

After a humiliating defeat, King Rehoboam repented (2 Chronicles 12:12). But again, he didn’t have staying power. He didn’t determine in his heart to seek the Lord. (2 Chronicles 12:14)


So why did these two men not have the required staying power? Why didn’t they remain true to God? The key is found in 2 Chronicles 12:14. They didn’t determine in their hearts to seek the Lord. And both chose to listen to other people, rather than God.

If you have heard a clear word from God from His Word, don’t let down your guard if/when someone else comes along and tells you that they heard a clear word from an angel of God that contradicts your word.

God will never contradict Himself. Stay in God’s Word. Get to know God’s Voice. When someone comes along with a different word, you’ll recognize it as such.

Staying power means that you’re in it for the long haul. Walking with God is a marathon, not a sprint. Seek God’s Kingdom as your top priority. (Matthew 6:33)

* Chapters covered in today’s reading:
1 Kings 13
1 Kings 14
2 Chronicles 11
2 Chronicles 12

This devotional was originally published on June 16, 2021.

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