Advantages of Pastoring a Small Church

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One of the advantages of pastoring a small church is you develop relationships with your church members. Last weekend, the mother of our song leader passed away. For several months until a few weeks ago, Martha lived at home with Gene and his wife.

When you’re a member of a small church, you get to know the other church members. You learn quickly that it’s difficult to hide. You learn that when one church member hurts, all of us hurt. Last night, most of our core church members took food (lots of food!) to Gene’s home and all sat around a couple of tables, eating together. Fellowshipping together. Doing life together. Because that’s what family does. We have several families in our church. Only a few of us are related “by blood”. But all of us are related by the blood of Jesus!

Martha was from another part of Texas, so her services are being held “back home”. Her family, scattered across various parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida felt it was best to have her funeral on Saturday Afternoon. Because our church members deeply love Gene and his family, we felt it was best to cancel/postpone our annual kite flying and egg hunt event that we had previously scheduled for this Saturday Afternoon.

We love reaching out to our community with our annual Spring and Fall outreaches. We love to let people know they’re loved. We love to tell people about the greatest event in history: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was a difficult choice to make.

But it was an easy choice to make. Because that’s what family does.

Faith Community Baptist Church isn’t a church for everyone. If you’re looking for a lot of programs, you won’t find much here. If you’re looking for a dynamic music program with lots of special guests and fancy presentations, you won’t find much here. If you’re looking for contemporary music led by a worship team and a praise band, you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for a large church staff with specializations, you won’t find it here.

But what you will find is a caring, loving church where every member matters. Every hurting member is prayed for. You’ll find a missions-minded church where a large portion of our expenses is missions. We directly support missionaries in the Philippines and Vancouver. Through our ministry partnerships, we support missions in North America and around the World.

Come check us out at our services on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Growing in Grace and Knowledge,
Pastor Craig