Corruption in the Camp

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In today’s Bible reading* we read that while Nehemiah was fortifying the wall around Jerusalem, he was heckled by Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem.

Once the project was completed, Nehemiah was still hassled by Tobiah who continued to write intimidating letters to Nehemiah. Part of the problem was corruption on the part of God’s people who were loyal to Tobiah and sent/received letters to Tobiah.

The saying is true: Loose lips sink ships. As committed as he was to God and the things of God, Nehemiah had to deal with attacks from without and within.


In recent years, we’ve seen “whistleblowers” come forward with all sorts of juicy information about national secrets. Names like Edward Snowden, Brandon/Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner, as well as many “unnamed sources” and “anonymous whistleblowers” were labled as either patriots or traitors. I’m not going to pass judgment on these people, but corruption can seriously undermine a presidential administration. Such was the case with Nehemiah from the nobles of Judah. Rather than being loyal to God’s leaders and God’s people, these “nobles” were aligned with Tobiah because of his family connections.

This is yet another reminder for Believers to pray for our elected leaders. Pray against corruption. Pray that insiders will be loyal to the administration — unless they’re trying to expose corruption. And pray that if there is corruption, that the corruption is exposed.

* Chapters covered in today’s reading:
Nehemiah 5
Nehemiah 6
Nehemiah 7

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