My Son is a Rockstar

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In twelve hours from now, our son will be at one of the busiest airports in the US. By himself. For the first time.

A couple of hours later, he will hop on a plane bound for Sydney, Australia. By himself. For the first time.

He will stay in a Sydney hostel, recovering from jetlag and tooling around the city for a few days. By himself. For the first time.

From there, he will take the train to Newcastle, Australia. By himself. For the first time.

In Newcastle, he will spend the next three months taking discipleship courses with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) with other young people from around the world.

In three months he will go somewhere else. We don’t know yet where he will go. He doesn’t yet know yet where he will go. All he knows is that he will be with other YWAM students on the mission field. He could be in a first-world country. He could be in a third-world country. He could be in a country where he can’t tell us where he is until he returns. In September.

After he returns to Newcastle and stays a day or so, he’ll hop on the train bound for Sydney where he will stay in a hostel for a few days before flying back home. By himself.

My son is a Rockstar.

I’m so proud of him. He spent two years at Abilene Christian University. For the past three summers, he has served at two separate Christian Summer Camps, one only an hour and a half away from home and the other (last summer) in the Texas panhandle.

After his second summer at Camp, he told us that God had told him to move home and not go back to ACU. We asked what else God had told him. He said God had told him to move home and for a year he was to pray, study his Bible and work, learning to make and serve coffee. He said God had called him to Coffee Ministry. Now, at this point, he has never worked in the foodservice industry. And at this point, to my knowledge, he has never drunk coffee.

A few weeks after moving home, he got a job at a local Starbucks, working for a longtime friend who is the best manager he will ever have. We have repeatedly told him so and that Jessica has spoiled him. Although we have known Jessica for over ten years, Micah got the job. By himself. We never said anything to her, asking for a favor.

As a Christian parent, you pray for your kids. A lot. You try to teach them to listen to, and to follow the voice of God. And when they tell you that God told them something, you really can’t tell them that they heard wrong. Especially when they hear as well as Micah does.

When he told us that God told him to not return to ACU, he was emphatic that this was his decision. He said the same thing when he told us that God was calling him to Newcastle.

I don’t know of anyone his age who is more sold out for Jesus than Micah is. He hears well. When the Holy Spirit tells him to do something, he does it. With all of his heart.

For the past couple of months, he has prepared for this discipleship training and the mission field. He has renewed his passport. By himself. He has scheduled his plane reservations. By himself. He has collected every piece of required paperwork. By himself. He has gathered everything he will need in Sidney. By himself.

He has all but emptied his bank account. God is faithful and has orchestrated everything and has provided above and beyond what he could hope or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

His parents, grandparents, and friends have helped. But he knows God has spoken. And he is willing to give it all. And risk it all.

Please join Amy and me as we pray for Micah, the other young people who will be with him at YWAM Newcastle, and the YWAM staff, that they will all listen well.

You can follow Micah on Instagram and Facebook.

I couldn’t be prouder. My son is a Rockstar.