It’s Time

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Robert Mueller submitted his report to Attorney General Barr three days ago. AG Barr released his summary statement yesterday.

It’s time.

– It’s time to have a full investigation into the false pretense for Mueller’s appointment.
– It’s time for the failed coup conspirators (all of them, including senior leadership in the DOJ, FBI, National Security, CIA, State Department, and those working directly for and in the previous administration) to be tried and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — for treason.
– It’s time to put measures in place to ensure that this can never happen to another president.
– It’s time for Congress to drop the circus of endless investigations into things that simply didn’t happen.
– It’s time for biased, agenda-driven media executives and reporters to be held accountable for knowingly reporting lies for over two years and colluding with a political party. They have lost *all* semblance of credibility. They have proven themselves unworthy of the public’s trust and respect.
– It’s time for everyone to realize that Mr. Trump won an honest election and that Mrs. Clinton lost. The voters spoke and the results reflect the voice of the nation.
– It’s time for Congress to stop obstructing everything the President wants to accomplish (including securing the border — as a bipartisan Congress has repeatedly approved prior to Mr. Trump’s inauguration, yet has been spineless to fund the effort), simply because he is Donald Trump. In other words, it’s time for the Trump-haters to stop hating.

It’s time to move on from “collusion” and “obstruction” talk. Seriously.