Telling Your Story

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In today’s Bible reading from Acts 22, we see Paul telling his story of how he came to experience the risen Jesus as he was traveling to Damascus to persecute Christians. Essentially, he tells the same story as Dr. Luke did in Acts 9.


telling your story

Paul tells these complete strangers who he is, what led up to his conversion, and what happened after his conversion. If you are one of His kids, you have resources that will help you to share your story with complete strangers. You have the same resources available to that Paul did!

Spend some time thinking about what led up to your conversion. How was your life before this? How has your life changed since then? Jot down your thoughts and try to put them into a format you could use to tell someone else in the course of a couple of minutes.

Now, before you can do anything in the previous paragraph, you have to have been saved. Well?

If your mind is a little foggy (maybe like me, it’s been a while) just ask God to refresh your memory. This is a great exercise that will result in renewed joy … if you’re one of His.

If you aren’t one of His, all you have to do is respond to His invitation to come. Turn from your living your life apart from God and all that entails. Turn from your own agenda and embrace His. What does that look like? The Bible uses the word repentance which basically means to change your mind, to change your orientation. As you grow in your walk with Him, your mindset will change. Your orientation about life will change.

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