Put Bible Verses in Your Quiver

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I want to point out an important point from today’s Bible reading, in Acts 17. In Acts 17:2-3, we see that

Acts 17:2–3 (CSB)
2As usual, Paul went into the synagogue, and on three Sabbath days reasoned with them from the Scriptures,
3explaining and proving that it was necessary for the Messiah to suffer and rise from the dead: “This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the Messiah.”

And in Acts 17:11

Acts 17:11 (CSB)
The people here were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, since they received the word with eagerness and examined the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.

In both cases, Dr. Luke tells us by example that it’s important to read and study our Bible. As I have pointed out several times over the past few weeks, we have to be ready to tell people about Jesus. (1Peter 3:15) And we must be familiar enough with the Bible that we can point people to key Scriptures where we see those truths.

(Note, I didn’t say that we need to know key Scriptures that back up what we say. That sounds like we’re trying to make Scripture back up our view instead of getting our view from Scripture.)


Last year in church, we memorized twelve Bible passages, each aimed at helping us to do just that. Here’s a link those verses. Spend a little time each day committing them to memory.

You never know when you’ll need to pull a verse or two out of your quiver to share the Gospel with someone … or even to preach the Gospel to yourself!