Never Stop Preaching the Gospel

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In today’s Bible reading in Acts 14, Paul and Barnabus continue their work of taking the Gospel message to lost people. As is their habit, when they enter a city, they go to the synagogue. In the First Century, the local synagogue isn’t just for worship; it’s a common gathering place for the people. Obviously, not only Jews went to the synagogue, but Gentiles were there as well. Both Jews and Gentiles respond to the Gospel message and are saved. (Acts 14:1-2)

Sharing the Gospel

When an attempt was made to kill these missionaries, they fled the scene. But it’s important to note that they never stopped preaching the Gospel message. They just changed where they did it. (Acts 14:6-7)


All too often, we’re tempted to not want to rock the boat too much when we talk about Jesus. It’s like we don’t want to offend people with the Gospel. But the Gospel message is an offensive message. And we do a disservice to people when we sugarcoat the message.

So if you’re talking with somebody about Jesus, what He’s done in your life, and how He can do the same in their life, just give them the Good News (that’s what “gospel” means) and leave the results to God. If they reject what you’re saying, that’s ok. Just take the message to someone else.

Note: Our next scheduled Bible reading and devotional will be on Tuesday.