No One Knows the Day or the Hour

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I am amazed at how often a Bible teacher will come along, trying to convince God’s people that he knows the day or the hour when Jesus will return. I am also amazed how often these Bible teachers will “fleece the flock”, convincing them that he needs money to get the word out. As they give, he pockets much of the money.

Our Lord could not say more plainly that even He doesn’t know when His Father will say, “Son, it’s time. Today is the Day.” The Father is not sharing His timetable with anyone. And yes, that’s a good thing!

Sure, it would be nice to know that I have two years before the End. It would give me time to grow in my faith, tell people about Jesus, teach believers how to grow in their faith, read my Bible more, and pray more.

But Jesus’ point in today’s Bible reading from Mark 13 (specifically Mark 13:32-37) is that I should be doing those things anyway. I don’t know when the Master of the house will return, so I need to always be ready.


How about you? Seriously, are you more interested in knowing when Jesus will return than being ready for His return? Do you spend more time reading Last Days novels and listening to Last Days teachers than you spend reading your Bible and listening to teachers talking about God, and how you can know Him better and love Him (and others) more? Is your Bible reading broad-based, drawing from different parts of the Bible, not just your favorite books, chapters, and verses? (Note: That’s one reason we need to use a Bible reading plan goes through the New Testament or the entire Bible in a year.)

He says to be alert. He gives us signs to let us know that the End is near. Yes, we are in the Last Days. But know that we have been in the Last Days since He arrived on our planet two thousand years ago!

The Kingdom of God has come (Luke 11:20). Its consummation has not come yet, but His Kingdom has already come! For now, we live in a state of “already, but not yet”.

Are you ready?