Appointed to Serve

In today’s Bible reading from Acts 6, we see a situation arising that is similar to what we see in the Old Testament when Moses finds himself frustrated by doing all the work. Moses’ wise father-in-law tells him to lighten his load by delegating responsibility to other men. (Exodus 18:13–23)

At this point in our reading, the church is growing rapidly. We have already seen that God is taking care of the needs of everyone through the generosity shared by everyone. But already, things are beginning to break down. Some of the Greek believers accuse the Apostles of favoring one group and neglecting another.

Like Moses, the Apostles realize that God hasn’t called them to do everything themselves. They need help so they can devote their energies to prayer and the ministry of the Word.

So they pray and then they delegate the task of taking care of the daily needs to a group of seven men “of good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom”. (Acts 6:3) These seven men are appointed for the task of “serving tables”, making sure that no one goes hungry.


Contrary to what we’d like to admit, there were problems in the early church. Even a few months into its existence, people are feeling neglected. Perhaps there was some truth to the accusation. But it seems clear from Dr. Luke’s description that there was no malice in the neglect; they just needed to make sure that no one went hungry.

How do you respond when someone is treated neglected or treated unfairly, especially by church leaders? Do you assume the worst? Do you add to the drama by gossiping with others who have nothing to do with the problem … or the solution? Of course, that never happens in churches today, right?

Well, rather than complaining and gossiping, perhaps God wants to use you as a part of the solution. Assume the best. Pray for your leaders — and everyone else for that matter — and ask God how He would have you to be part of the solution.