And the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail, part 2


On October 20, I wrote about the situation with Riverside Baptist Church in Fort Worth. This is the church where I met Amy, where we were married, and the first church where I served on staff.

I received an update an email yesterday morning regarding Riverside’s last service in the building, scheduled for December 23 at 6 pm. The contents of the email from Pastor Mike Raymond follow below.

Through a series of events we are now vacating the building.  We will be having our last service in the building on December 23.  Although our congregation is heartbroken about these developments, we are a people of faith and believe that the God who has led us to this time, will also lead us through it.  Our prayer this Christmas is that God will once again fill our sanctuary as we celebrate what He has done at 3101 Race Street for the last 114 years.

We want those influenced by Riverside in the past to hear about the service and if possible attend the evening service at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 23.  We invite past members, community members and any others to come and join us for this night of celebration and prayer for the future.

Riverside Baptist Church
3101 Race Street
Fort Worth, TX 76111
Celebration Christmas Eve(ish) service
6:00 p.m., Sunday, December 23

If you know of anyone who has been a part of Riverside Baptist Church, please pass along this information.