Happy Anniversary — Who Would Have Known?

Happy anniversary to my wife of 26 years! Although it hasn’t been a perfect 26 years, it has been the best 26 years of my life.

Who would have known 26 years ago that we would still live in Texas with a ministry history unlike anyone else we have ever met? Who would have known in 1994 that my vow to never again be hurt in a bivocational position in a church would result in a 13 1/2 year hiatus of my stubborn disobedience? Who would have known that after those 13 1/2 years,  I would finally repent of my attempt to call the shots in my ministry … and end up in the pulpit one week later to pastor that church for 6 1/2 years? Who would have known that we would close the doors of the first church that I pastored? Who would have known that the people of that church would be so gracious and love us and support us to the very end?

Who would have known that I would experience so many failed “bad fit” jobs?

Who would have known that we would enjoy two children so much, and lose one in miscarriage? Who would have known that my wife would go back to college and earn a Master’s Degree (on the Dean’s List) while working full-time as a Literacy Coach (and not a classroom teacher)?

Who would have known that both of our fathers would experience major health issues, and that my mother would go to be with Jesus? Who would have known that my dad would later meet and marry a woman who would love us as her own … and that we would love as our very own?

Who would have known that my wife would stand by me through the good times and the bad, through sickness and health?

Who would have known?

Only a  patient, though Sovereign Father Who loves us both more than we could possibly love each other.  Only a God Who continues sustain us through it all. Only a God, to whom we pray would be God in our lives and marriage.

Happy anniversary, Amy! Let’s do it for another 26!