Happy Atheists Day!

Happy Atheists Day for those who deny (or question) God’s existence (Ps 14:1).

In all fairness, I believe Ps 14:1 could also be translated, “The fool says, “No, God.”

Look at the way we live. Do we live, read our Bibles and pray as if God continues to be active in the world around us? (Theism)

Or are we more like Deists who live, read our Bibles, and pray as if God started it all, accomplished partial salvation for us in Jesus so that it’s now up to is to keep things moving along until we die and go to heaven?

It’s not just those who question/deny God’s existence who are missing out on all that God has provided for us in Jesus.

Think about it and ask God if you live as an Atheist/Agnostic or as Deist (practically, there’s not much difference)… or as a Theist.

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you today through the Inspired Word to bring instruction, correction, rebuke, and training in righteousness.

The Triune God will tell you if you will only ask. So, how about it? Where do you stand today?