I’ve Never Seen that Before!

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I have read through the Bible several times. Normally, when I get to all of the genealogies in 1Chronicles, I tend to wince and trudge my way through all the names. Perhaps it wouldn’t seem so hard to get through them if they had just named their kids normal names like Scott, Terry, Amy, or Sharon!

However, as I began to read today’s verses, I stumbled upon something I don’t remember ever seeing before:

Two sons were born to Eber. One of them was named Peleg because the earth was divided during his lifetime, and the name of his brother was Joktan. (1Chron 1:19 HCSB)

Tucked into all those names is a comment that almost sounds like a parenthetical remark. “Oh, by the way, the continents separated while during this guy’s lifetime.” WHAT???

Modern science tells us that Abraham Ortelius postulated the theory of continental drift in AD 1596. So how could the author of 1Chronicles(Ezra?) have known about continental drift some 1000 years before Ortelius? And then, as I looked into it, I discovered that Moses says the same thing in Genesis 10:25 when he wrote his account about 1000 years before Ezra!

Yet again, we see that God gently guided the authors of the Bible to record historical facts that wouldn’t be discovered until many years later (1Peter 1:21).



Do you believe the Bible is an outdated book? Do you have reservations about taking the Bible at face value? Only a Divine Hand could guide Moses and Ezra to write such profound statements so many years before they were “discovered” by modern science! Take up the Bible and eat! Psalm 34:8.