SWBTS and the Tongues Issue

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Here we go … My very first blog… and it’s about a couple of things near and dear to my heart: SWBTS and the Holy Spirit.

Please check out Bryan and Abbey Padgett’s blog (https://thenationswillknow.blogspot.com/2006/10/sad-day-for-swbts-and-its-trustees.html).

Of all of the comments I’ve read today in the news and on the blogosphere, I feel theirs express my feelings very clearly. And though I don’t know them, I believe we’re on the same page.

I believe there’s room enough in the SBC for lots of people, so long as we remember that what makes somebody a Southern Baptist is cooperating with other people to accomplish God’s purposes.

We have come to a crossroad and something is going to happen. Either God is going to remove His hand from SWBTS, and the SBC in general, and go around the “powers that be” (or has He already?) to accomplish His purposes, or God is going to drop a bomb on the denomination that will send everybody’s head spinning trying to make sense of what He is clearly doing.

If however, things continue in the direction I see them headed right now, the rapture may occur and much in SBC life (and SWBTS) will continue as they did the day before.

Tongues isn’t the issue. The issue is the character of God and whether we will give Him the freedom to be God, the freedom to call the shots (ALL of them), and the freedom to do things as He sees fit. Really.

Grieving for SWBTS and the SBC, and pleading for God’s forgiveness and blessing in spite of us,